Testing System

Taurus Taekwon-do School SW Belt Testing System

All students must wear full uniform (Dobok) for the Testing.

Make sure your uniform is clean, arrive early, fill in Testing Form and be ready to start in time. (Parents/ legal guardians fill in Testing Form if student less then 18 year old).

Make sure you know your Testing Program. Please get your Testing Program from your Instructor 30 days before the Belt Test.

Payment for testing is Check or Cash and it should be paid before the Test : $10 Test Fee -Little Warriors, $50 Test Fee – Children and Adults.

If you have any questions please ask your Instructor prior the Test.

Please use   You Tube videos bellow to review your Tul / Pattern. Good Luck!!!

GUP 10 – White Belt:  every student is granted white belt (10th Gup) as soon as they sign in to Taekwon-Do Program.

GUP 9 – Yellow Stripe:

1) Saju Jirugi:

2) Saju Makgi:

GUP 8 – Yellow Belt:

1) Saju Jirugi: see above

2) Saju Makgi: see above

3) Chon-Ji Tul:

GUP 7 – Green Stripe:

1) Chon-Ji Tul: see above

2) Dan-Gun Tul:

GUP 6 – Green Belt:

1) Dan-Gun Tul: see above

2) Do-San Tul: 

GUP 5 – Blue Stripe:

1) Do-San Tul: see above

2) Won-Hyo Tul:

GUP 4 – Blue Belt:

1) Won-Hyo Tul: see above

2) Yul-Gok Tul:

 GUP 3 – Red Stripe:

1) Yul-Gok Tul: see above

2) Joong-Gun Tul:

GUP 2 – Red Belt:

1) Joong-Gun Tul: see above

2) Toi-Gye Tul:

GUP 1 – Black Stripe:

1) Toi-Gye Tul: see above

2) Hwa-Rang Tul:

I DAN – Black Belt:

2) Hwa-Rang Tul: see above

2) Choong-Moo Tul: