The List of Rules and Etiquette for all students of Taurus Taekwon-do School SW to follow when you are in the class (Dojang):

  1. Bow when entering or leaving the Dojang
  2. No foul language
  3. No jewellery and valuables in the Dojang
  4. The student must have good hygiene
  5. Remain quiet while class is going on unless you 
have a question then raise your hand.
  6. Always bow before and after addressing a black 
  7. Do not lean on walls.
  8. Use equipment properly or privileges will be suspended.
  9. Do not talk when the instructor is talking or demonstrating techniques.
  10. Do not stand with hands on hips or arms crossed.
  11. Address all black belts by their last name, sir or 
  12. When shaking hands support your right elbow with your left palm.
  13. No horse play while in the Dojang (i.e. running around, throwing things etc.)
  14. No food or drink on the training floor at anytime (water bottles are OK)
  15. When bowing to a person say “Taekwon”.
  16. Students must wear the club Dobok during 
competitions, testing, seminars or any other special occasions
  17. No excessive contact on members during sparring
  18. Shirts under Dobok, if wearing one, must be white 
and please tuck the shirt in at all times.
  19. When walking away from the instructor always bow take three steps and bow again towards the 
  20. If arriving late, wait until the instructor sees you, then bow and join the class.
  21. If the instructor enters the room, stand if you are sitting, and remain so until told otherwise.
  22. Never misuse any of the Taekwon-Do or Self 
Defense Techniques
  23. A student may never teach another student unless 
the Head Instructor has given permission
  24. In a room with many black belts take your leads from the senior black belt.
  25. Only club T-shirts can be worn at the club during regular class time, the only other T-shirt that can be 
worn is a white T-shirt under the Dobok
  26. No outside shoes are to be worn in the Dojang at anytime this includes people observing and not training at the club. All students shall ensure this 
does not happen
  27. Never disrespect a club member for race, religion, 
color, age, sex or any other reason. Show respect to all ages and all belt levels