”Beginners Class” ( 9+ and adults)

“Beginners Class” is designed  for adults without any fitness experience, children 9 years old and up and for kids who finished “Little Tigers” Program or have some martial arts experience. The Program focuses on Taekwon-do techniques, patterns, self-defense, breaking boards, some / light contact or no contact sparring (fighting), cardio exercises and flexibility improvement. As students progress in their training they can earn new belts and work their way to their Black Belt.

All students are invited to attend the Tournaments. Participating in Tournaments is a great opportunity to implement all the skills and knowledge which students practice in the class. CTFI/ITF offers variety of tournaments as local as worldwide – at least one local tournament per year.

“Beginners Class” is a great way to get into shape, have fun and learn something new at the same time. The program is also filled with fun drills, games, relay races, circuit training, core workouts and running activities. All classes are held in a safe and professional environment.