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At Taurus Taekwon-do School SW we offer a variety of diiferent programs for children and adults. Please use the drop-down menu for details.


“Little Warriors” (5 – 8 years old)

The “Little Warriors” Program is designed for children age 5 and up. The program focuses on the development of basic Taekwon-do skills. Students will increase physical strength, speed, fitness, coordination and will enhance their sense of balance and body awareness. Additional benefits for children of this age are social interaction with peers, learning the tenants of fair play, sportsmanship, discipline and mental focus. This Program will also introduce children to the practice of setting and achieving the goals.

We encourage all our young students to do their best inside and outside of class.

“Children All Levels” (9-14 years old)

The “Children All Levels” Program is designed as for beginners as for kids who finished “Little Warriors” Program or have martial arts experience. The Program focuses on Taekwon-do techniques, patterns, self-defense, breaking boards, light contact or no contact sparring (fighting), cardio exercises and flexibility improvement. As students progress in their training they can earn new belts and work their way to their Black Belt. Participating in Tournaments is an option too. ITF/CTFI offers at least two tournaments per year. The Children All Levels Program is a great way to get into shape, have fun and learn something new at the same time. The program is also filled with fun drills, games, relay races, circuit training, core workouts and running activities.

All classes are held in a safe and professional environment.

“Adults All Levels” (Teens & Adults)

The “Adults All Levels” Program is a family program which allows families to train together in the same class. Children older than 12 are allowed to attend the class and train with their parents. Students are divided by belt level rather than age. A lot of exercises in this Program require partner work, so students work with someone of their own size and belt level. Students gradually progress through a series of belt tests until Black Belt Certification. Dedicated and hard-working participants are also invited to work in advanced techniques, such as acrobatics, team patterns, advanced sparring (when ready), board breaking and showmanship.

This class is great for the family, teens or adult.

“TKD Summer Camp” (5-12 years old)

The “Taekwon-do Summer Camp” Program is a fun-filled, skill-building program for kids ages 5-12. All Camps Programs are fun, energetic and safe way for your child to develop confidence, concentration and focus in addition to learning Taekwon-do Techniques, self-defense elements and bully management. Your Child will enjoy days filled with crafts, games, contests, face painting and of course training sessions.

“To bring with you” list and Detailed Summer Camp Program will be sent to registered participants’ e-mails 2-3 days before camp start date.


  • Keeps kids physically active in a non-competitive environment
  • Great place to boost confidence and learn respect
  • Meet new friends
  • Learn Self-Defense and Bully protection the non-violent way

The Program also includes:

  • Free Taekwon-do Camp gift
  • Professional Group photo

“TKD BootCamp” (Teens & Adults)-CLOSED

The “Taekwon-do BootCamp” Program is a recreational and fun outdoor activity for all family. The Program is friendly to all levels of martial arts (from beginner to advanced). Dress according weather and join us for a great Saturday morning workout filled with cardio and flexibility training, kicking, punching, strength, speed and power drills as well as Taekwon-do patterns, no contact or light contact sparring and basic elements of self-defense mixed with games and relay reces.

Bring with you: yoga mat for core workout, water bottle, sunscreen, hat and bug spray, sparring gear (mouth guard, head gear, gloves, foot/sheen protectors)


“Self-Defense Workshop”

The “Self-Defense Workshop” Program is developed for kids, teens and adults. It is a combination of kicking, punching and effective simple techniques that will increase your confidence, boost energy, reduse stress, improve fitnes and teach you easy and practical self-defense. Please contact us about Private Individual/ Family Lessons and Corporate Events .