If you have a question not answered in a list of Frequently Asked Questions below please send us an e-mail and we will answer your questions.

1. What style of Martial Arts will I learn at Taurus Taekwon-do Schol SW?

At Taurus Taekwo-do School SW we teach traditional Taekwon-Do style developed by General Choi Hong Hi, in the 1950’s.

2. Do I need to be in shape to start training in Taurus Taekwon-do School SW?

No, you don’t need to be in shape. Taekwon-do is an intensive work-out but fun. We recomend to start at your own pace and progress gradually until you get used to the excercise. Taurus Taekwon-do School SW welcomes everyone of all ages and skill levels. If you’ve ever wanted to try taekwondo, here is your chance!

3. Do I need a Uniform to come join a Taurus Taekwon-do School SW?

You don’t need a uniform to join the school. Just make sure you wear comfortable and loose sport clothes. It is optional when you want to buy a uniform: at the beginning when you register or sometime later. But it is a mandatory to have a uniform for your first belt test at Taurus Taekwon-do School SW. You can purchase a new uniform any time at Taurus Taekwon-do School SW.

4. How much is it going to cost me?

Please visit our Classes -> Rates Page to know more about our rates, discounts and more. Taurus Taekwon-do School SW has competitive rates in area and flexible options of payment. Our goal is to make martial arts affordable to many.

5. Do I have to know anything before I join a Taurus Taekwon-do School SW?

You don’t have to know anything when you join The School. We’ll make sure you’ll know as much as possible at class. We strive on sharing our knowlege and experience with you.

6. Will I have to fight with people?

When students of Taurus Taekwon-do School SW learn the basics of martial arts (punching, kicking and blocking) we instruct them in sparring – a light to no contact form of fighting. For our younger students it is more like a game. Sparring is very important part of Taekwon-do and we always make sure it is safe and fun at any level of training.

7. How long will it take me to become a “Black Belt” ?

It is depends on level of your commitment and can take about 4-6 years.

8. I’ve trained in the martial arts already, will I be able to keep my current rank?

All Martial Arts are different and have different rank systems and requirements. If you have practiced Taekwon-do then your knowlege can be evaluated according to CTFI/ITF requirements by Taurus Taekwon-do School instructors to determine what level you are at.

9. Will I be able to train with my child in the same class?

It depends on the age of your child. If the children are 9 years old and older or finished “Little Tigers” program they can attend the class, where they can train with their parents. Children 4 – 8 years old should train without parents to keep proper level of discipline and safety.

10. What uniform and sparring gear should I have?

Every student should bring every class and to the Tournaments: the Uniform (Dobok), Sparring Gear Set and Foam Nun-chucks. Sparring gear includes: Helmet/Head protector, Hand protectors, Foot protectors, Mouth guard, Groin Cup ( for boys only ). Sheen protectors are optional. Black Belts should have ITF approved Sparring Gear if they are going to International/ National ITF/CTFI Tournaments. Ask your instructor how, where and how much  it costs. See Color Belt Sparring Gear Set example photo below.